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                                                   65 Station Street,Carlton,VIC 3053

                                                           Phone : 03 9347 1487

Toddler Childcare

About us

At Tommaso Fiaschi Child Care Centre we understand the role quality childcare plays in establishing a solid base from which children can develop and grow. We believe children are individuals and should be treated accordingly. We encourage children to develop a strong sense of self, to recognize their own worth, and to create their own identity. This ensures the rights and needs of all our children are respected.

Our programs are designed to encourage play and stimulate learning. Routines allow children a sense of stability and security. We encourage and support children to participate in all activities, irrespective of their ability, enabling them the best opportunity to develop to their full potential.

We recognize the importance of good nutritional habits and have attained the Start Right Eat Right Award which acknowledges best practice in nutrition and food service in long day care centres in Victoria. Our children enjoy a two course lunch plus snacks which include lots of fresh fruit and vegetables as well as meat and dairy. We encourage a pleasant, relaxed environment for eating and younger children are offered foods suitable to this age group. All food is freshly prepared daily at the centre.